Location and connection

 customers feel valued and engaged, which is critical to drive sales and increase the amount of money you earn.

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 Artwork Archive's CRM to help you make better work


 With Artwork Archive's CRM integrated tool, you're able to handle and manage your contacts efficiently. Contact groups allow you to classify the


 Diverse relationships you've developed throughout your profession in the arts, and create customized communications for them.

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 Let's say the person you encountered at a fair is one of your most valued customers. You could group her like this. This can be accomplished by adding the contact.


 Joining a group called VIP collectors allows you to send the whole group new pieces and exclusive deals. This will help build relationships.

 How do you add someone to an existing group?

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 Select the contact. Next, select the "Edit" icon. Then you need to click the Edit Contact' icon. Choose the group you prefer from the Groups' dropdown menu.


 Make sure to click on "Update Contact."

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 Now, you'll be able to see all contacts within the 'VIP Collectors' category when you filter.

 You can filter your search by group, location and connection. This lets you quickly allow an individual know that they are

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 A collection of collectors is aware that you are coming to their region to deliver an artist talk or to have your work displayed in a nearby gallery.


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