Understand the reason

 To reach our goals, we frequently have to work 12 hours a day. This isn't sustainable long-term. You can only turn down an invitation to dinner or coffee

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 It's impossible to sacrifice your family and friends in favor of your job over a long period of time without affecting your relationships and your overall health.

 Being an entrepreneur with a flair for creativity can be difficult because you are juggling so many tasks. Marketing, bookkeeping, and accounting are all your obligations.

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 There are administrative duties, shipping, archiving and then there is the actual production. It's easy to understand the reason why it can be so hard to even feel after all of that.

 Creative in the final

 Dos and Don'ts of Starting an Art Collection

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 Do: Determine your priorities

 Why are you looking to purchase artwork? Are you seeking an opportunity to add some style to your office or home? Do you want to use the art as an investment? Or

 Maybe you can have a bit of both?

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 Many collectors report simply falling in love with an artist or the meaning behind the piece, however there can be other factors that are at play, and that's fine.


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