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 Certain artists don't even sign their pieces, a fact which collectors might not be aware of. A work that is not signed can lead to issues down the road, especially in the trackersphere tracker sphere Website

 event of resale, so ensure that the work is actually signed, prior to purchase.

 If your work isn't signed by the artist, it's an excellent idea to request a Certificate Authenticity (COA) that is signed by an artist or an autographed sticker. vivofurniture vivo furniture Website 

 The sticker is signed by the artist and is affixed to the reverse side of the item. The stickers shouldn't include the cost of the item, but instead the title and the year.

 Was it made, the media was used, its dimensions and media.

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 Some estates of artists do not longer offer COAs but so long as the artist is still alive any gallery that is reputable is likely to be able to provide a COA at the time.


 Artwork Archive's Premier Collector program lets subscribers upload and store digital scans of each artwork's COA by using the "additional Files" function.

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 Do: Examine the materials used

 It is not necessary for paintings that are oil or acrylic-on-canvas, to confirm the materials employed. Mixed artworks will require additional confirmation.

 For media" pieces, it is strongly recommended that you request a complete list from the vendor.


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