Taking out

 Refuse delivery

 If a shipping company arrives at your home with a crate that is clearly damaged in transit, the most immediate option is to reject the shipment

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 delivery. Shipping company and shipper (i.e. the gallery that has arranged the shipping) to determine the next steps to take.

 Make immediate action to fix the problem.

 Accepting delivery of damaged crates is not a good idea.

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 you can inspect the crate/box/tube, and so on. Before signing off. If you are unable or unwilling to sign the form, a crate that has obvious damage is left.

 Your investment is safe and sound.

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 Photograph every single thing, even if no damage is apparent

 Documentation is essential to prove the extent of the damage prior to it reaching your home. With the ubiquity of cell phone cameras

 It is suggested to film the entire process of delivery including opening the crate, and taking out artwork. Then inspect it for any damage.

 Take photos of any damage and include a reference to the scale, like measuring tapes, pencils or your fingers.

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 finger). You don't have to accept less-than-perfect artwork simply because it's suffered some damage.

 The piece was in perfect condition at the time of purchase.


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