Specific permissions

 Assign various users different permissions

 Create an administrative hierarchy model for accounts with multiple users. This ensures that only certain users are able to access your most sensitive

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 information. That means, if your assistant has the tendency to work in cafes that have free WiFi (notorious hunting grounds for hackers), your most

 important data will still be safe, even if said assistant is hacked when connected to a network that is public.

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 Artwork Archive allows you to add user types to your Artist Master, Collector Premium and Organization accounts. Multi-user

 Artwork Archive accounts have permission-specific permissions so you can give "view only" permissions to your entire team. Find out about additional users

 The permissions are accessible.

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 Print out a list containing all your passwords, and keep it safe.

 In the event that your credentials are compromised and you lose access to an important account, printing a list of your previous passwords is a good idea.

 This will give you greater leverage in attempting to regain control of the system via an administrator.

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 Vet all incoming inquiries to the best of your ability

 Every reputable art dealer knows that due diligence in the fine art market is crucial. This doesn't only pertain to the provenance. "Know Your Customer" (KYC).


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